SystemC.orgThe NASCUG organization accelerates the use of SystemC for new and established users of the language in North America. We welcome anyone interested in SystemC to join and become a member of NASCUG. We also want to encourage you to share your experiences and knowledge about SystemC so others may benefit from your experience.

We are hopeful that all current and potential SystemC users will use this site as a forum to share experiences, share ideas, and help others to achieve their project goals with the SystemC language. Please take the time to register and communicate your interest in being part of this exciting technology community. We intend to collaborate with the international groups to foster support for SystemC and advance the adoption of SystemC as the open source standard for electronic system-level design (ESL). NASCUG will specifically focus on serving design organizations located in North America, but will welcome input and membership from anyone interested in supporting our goals.

For more information and to download SystemC, see www.accellera.org.

NASCUG Committee

NASCUG is ...

Name Company/association role
David Black Doulos Co-chair
Tor Jeremiassen Texas Instruments Co-chair
Jack Donovan Duolog Member
Xiaotao Chen Huawei (US) Member
Cicerone Mihalache Kotys LLC Member
Bill Bunton LSI Member
Adam Erickson Mentor Graphics Member
Joanne DeGroat Ohio State Member
John Swan Swan on Chips Member
Jill Jacobs Mod Marketing Marketing
Erin Jacobs Mod Marketing Marketing
Christina Catena Mod Marketing Marketing
Becky Raymond CGHill Communications Website
Lynn Bannister Accellera Systems Initiative Liason